This is the homepage of CLEOPATRE, a highly configurable system providing the means for the application designer to choose the needed functionality in a library of open-source software components that provides enhanced real-time facilities.

CLEOPATRE works on top of both RTAI and Xenomai real-time Linux extensions.

The library covers a large range of needs in terms of scheduling, synchronization, fault-tolerance and aperiodic task servicing. Since all components of a given shelf have the same programming interface, they are interchangeable. CLEOPATRE claims not to be restricted to any application area.

About the Project

The software framework has been developed as part of a French national R&D project CLEOPATRE (Composants Logiciels sur Etagères Ouverts Pour les Applications Temps Réel Embarquées) since 2002. It is an offshoot of a larger project to develop open-source software dedicated to reconfigurable robots.

Releases notes

CLEOPATRE components are distributed under the terms of the GNU Lesser General Public Licence (LGPL).

CLEOPATRE framework 5.0 works on Linux kernels 2.6.x and supports the latest RTAI version (3.8.1).